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A Tribute :: Mark Bannerman

We are very proud to tell you about Mark Bannerman. A prolific novelist who had over thirty western novels published.

About Mark
Mark Bannerman is the pseudonym of Anthony C Lewing who was born at Colchester, Essex. He was educated at Kings College School, Wimbledon, and served for 35 years in the British Army. On retirement he concentrated on writing about his great interest - the history of the Old West. He visited the locations of many of his stories and accrued an immense library of reference books on the subject. He also wrote a novel set in the English west - The Cornish Woman. He lived with his French-born wife Francoise in Surrey UK, and has two grown-up children. He also shared his gift and taught creative writing to adult students.

A Tribute
Sadly on 17th June 2013, Mark passed away. As a novelist he was a beacon to all those people who at some point in their life decide they want to write and become a published author. He has left a huge portfolio of successful novels which are still in traditional hard-copy print, today. In early 2013 he undertook the mammoth task of digitizing his work for the the Kindle with great success and immediately achieved the rank of #9 in Amazons top selling 'Western' authors. As a long term user of Newnovelist we very much appreciated his insight and the feedback he gave us to improve our product.  Farewell and thanks Tony!
Mark Bannerman

Portfolio of Marks's published novels
All available to buy at Amazon or good bookstores.

Head Hunters Elmer Carrington, former Captain of the Texas Rangers, is the victim of a horrendous crime committed by the Mexican bandit, Mateo. Accompanied by Daniel Ramos, another victim of Mateo, the pair set off in pursuit of the man they hate. With the trail leading them deep into Mexico, through dangerous mountains and blistering desert, they encounter terrifying hazards and unforeseen enemies. But nothing has prepared them for the treachery and torture that awaits them when Carrington is given a hideous task. Failure to carry it out threatens death for both him and Daniel Ramos...

Galvanised Yankee From the bloodstained fields of the Civil War, through a brutal Indian campaign and finally into the greedy, lawless world of the Montana goldfields, Jared Harris is relentlessly pursued by mysterious enemies. Who are they, what do they want … and why him? Now he finds himself accused of a murder he did not commit, hunted by hooded vigilantes and, worse still, pursued by the Army for dereliction of duty. Time is running out for Harris and, if he is to find the key to his survival, he must face the man who plunged him into this unending nightmare. But will he survive that gamble?

Shadow of guilt It starts out as a simple mission to trace his kid brother, but Brad Caulderfield rides into a heap of trouble when he kills the brother of Marshal Seth Blevins. Charged with murder and pursued by the embittered lawman, Brad has no alternative but to run for his life. He faces further complications from Stella Goodnight who is out for his blood when he fails to return her affections. When his brother reappears bearing bitter resentments from the past, he is looking headlong into the face of his nemesis...

The Cornish Woman Orphaned by shipwreck in 1890 and unaware of her true parents, Rosena Bray is brought up by Cornish fisher-folk. As a child, she witnesses a fairground incident that will haunt her for the rest of her life. By the time she is in her twenties, the Great War is raging and she works at a convalescent home for wounded soldiers. Here she falls in love with the enigmatic, pious Welshman Gareth Williams, to whom she surrenders her virginity in the belief that he will marry her. War intervenes and she is subsequently lured into an elopement. The story swings from Cornwall to the Flanders trenches, from the sheep ranges of Australia to the Solway Firth, and Rosena finds herself trapped in a whirlpool of murder and duplicity.

Railroaded After the Civil War, Kansas was a lawless land ripe for exploitation. German immigrant Helmut Rapp and his wife risk everything as they battle the cruel elements, the Indian threat and the dangers of the raw environment. Furthermore, Helmut has dark secrets in his past, and events force him to act with uncharacteristic ferocity. With the new railroad thrusting towards his land and greedy and unscrupulous men stopping at nothing to gain advantage, Helmut strives to preserve the life and obscurity he has worked so hard to achieve. But mob violence and murder erupt, ripping his world apart and forcing him into a deadly duel that can only be resolved by the blast of gunfire.

Galvanised Yankee Maintaining order in a cow town, veteran Marshal Aaron McLean takes on more than he bargains for. Lyle Cameron is the most ruthless, the most powerful, rancher in the territory. His feckless son is guilty of murdering the local undertaker. Marshal McLean knows that it is his duty to bring the killer in, but this will mean challenging the formidable Lyle Cameron. To make matters worse, the local community is stirred into civil strife over scandalous events at the saloon, Porky’s Pride. The arrival of a travelling circus further aggravates the situation with a bizarre crime.

Galvanised Yankee Whilst on military patrol, Lieutenant Raoul Webster, United States Cavalry, is blinded in a freak accident. Granted furlough by the Army, he subsequently sets out, guided by his young brother, for San Francisco where he intends to consult an eye doctor. But en-route, the stagecoach conveying them is ambushed by ruthless Mexican bandits. Raoul’s brother is cold-bloodedly murdered, as are the driver and male passengers of the coach. Raoul survives, but is left alone in the wilderness, vulnerable to all Fate can throw at him. He is kept alive by one burning ambition: to track down his brother’s killer.

The Modoc Kid Oregon, 1873. Michael Barncho is charged with the murder of an American general. He and his fellow conspirators face a military tribunal at Fort Klamath. The Nation is crying out for revenge. Found guilty, the death sentence is a formality. Chained together the condemned men are led to the gallows, but Barncho survives in the most bizarre fashion. Dubbed "The Modoc Kid" he is hunted, hated and feared, as Fate leads him along a trail of ordeal and murder that will end with a life-sentence in the fog-bound hell-hole called Alcatraz, the notorious prison in San Francisco Harbor.

Gunsmoke at adobe walls Following the Battle of Gettysburg, army deserter John Terril flees south, knowing that he faces a firing squad if caught. In Texas, during the aftermath of the Civil War, he is befriended by a Mexican family and marries the daughter. But he becomes victim of a terrible crime. In seeking vengeance he falls foul of the law and faces the hang-rope. However, events from the past enable him to continue his pursuit of Diego Armijo, the man who has reduced his life to a living hell. He trails his prey to the Staked Plains, the domain of the Comanche Indians.

Man without a yesterday Robbed of his memory by a head wound, Johnny No Name finds himself lost in the Black Hills of Dakota. He is held captive by Holy Jack, a religious zealot, whose daughter turns to Johnny for help. Together, they are hounded by her irate father, bounty hunters, hostile Sioux and even the law.

The Beckoning Noose An Indian attack on the family homestead left Billy Dundas alone in the world. Billy then discovered his own vulnerability when his destiny became entangled with that of the notorious outlaw Clay Hollis. Unjustly charged with murder and sentenced to death, only a miracle can save Billy now.

Renegade Rose When Rosie McGlowery accompanied her preacher father on the great trek to Oregon, she little suspected that she was destined to share the notoriety of female outlaws such as Belle Starr and Cattle Annie.

Legacy of lead When Frank Miller, an escaped convict, jumps from a train in Kansas, he's desperate to prove his innocence. He assumes another man's identity, but becomes ensnared in more trouble. Greed amongst local ranchers causes a flurry of murders, and Frank is accused and jailed. Now the target for the lynch-crazy vigilantes, Frank receives a proposition. Will this offer him salvation? Amidst the bullets and violence, he struggles for justice and to shake off the shackles of both past and present.

Galvanised Yankee Returning from the East to the family ranch, Jim Bannerman learns that his father has been killed by an unknown assailant. With the law proving ineffective, Jim sets out to bring the killer to justice and restore peace to the valley.

The Mavericks Adam Ballard serves eight years in prison for a crime he did not commit. On release, he returns to the Texas valley where he grew up, determined to prove his innocence and reclaim the respect of his family. But with his father dead and his step-mother re-married, he finds past and present entwined in a web of violence. Adam is drawn into a situation even worse than that of eight years previously and played out against the sinister background of the vast thorned brasada, the greatest breeding refuge for feral cattle ever known. 

Escape to purgatory Wes Cullen has escaped imprisonment and goes to live with a young widow who is in trouble herself. As she is trying to keep the land she and her late husband farmed, a price is placed on Cullen's head and he is drawn even closer to a rope's end.

The Mavericks The infidelity of a young bride blasts Paxton Cobb’s family apart and unleashes hatred that leads to violence and death. Saddled with remorse, Paxton flees for his life, knowing that his father will pursue him, intent on hounding him to fearsome retribution. His fight for redemption leads him through tragedy, war, love, heartbreak and injury, and forces him to question the very roots of his being.

Comanchero Rendezvous After the Civil War, John Willard was assigned special duty by the president himself which was to take him to the Staked Plains in Texas. The region was repellent and menacing, a land of death inhabited by Indians and outlaws.'

The Pinkerton Man Frank Glengarry, a Pinkerton detective tracks down the infamous Childeater Gang killing one of the van Bremer twins whilst three fugitive escape. Trailing them, Glengarry confronts the widow of the man he has killed. With the odds stacked against him, he now faces a showdown with the leader of the Childeater Gang.

Ride Into Destiny When Russian Prince Michael takes his young wife Kathrine on a hunting expedition in the American wilderness, it seems great sport – until the hunters become the hunted. The Sioux massacre the hunting party and carry off Kathrine into hideous captivity. Only one man survives the attack: Prince Michael’s servant William Bailey, who is obsessed with Kathrine. Now, alone in the wilderness and badly wounded, Bailey is kept alive by his determination to rescue her

The Frontiersman Frank Riddle flees from his tyrannical father and heads west to the Californian Gold Fields. But on the way, he encounters terrible Indian atrocity. At first, he hates and fears the Indians, but when he takes a Modoc Indian woman as his squaw his allegiances change. As the heavy-handed army moves in, Riddle fights not only to save lives but also to reconcile his own conscience.

Lust To Kill Ex-lawman Grant Mayo finds himself in a land terrorized by vigilantes. A man imbued with an evil lust to kill holds the town of Barclay in a grip of fear. Grant is the only person brave enough to stand against him. He is drawn into a maelstrom of gunfights, lynchings, murder and abduction. Finally, he must pit his wits, single-handed, against the man who has turned the territory into a killing field.

Benders Boot In bloody Kansas, in 1872, Conroy McClure is searching for his missing brother. At a remote inn, he becomes involved with an evil family and, in particular, the she-devil of a daughter who ensnares men in a murderous web of sensuality. Local vigilantes storm the inn, intent on lynching the entire family. But the killers have fled, taking McClure with them. Buried in the adjacent orchard are twelve brutally mutilated bodies, including a little girl who was clearly buried alive. But what is the fate of Conroy McClure?

The Early Lynching Fearing that he might have to fight people of his own blood, young Rice Sheridan leaves behind his adoptive Comanche parents and finds work ion the Double Star Ranch. Three years later, he and his boss Seth Early are ambushed by outlaws, and their leader, the formidable Vince Corby, brutally murders Early. Rice survives and finds himself pitched into a maelstrom of deception and treachery. Confronting death at every turn he knows he must face a showdown with Corby.

Fury At Troons Ferry Darkness was taking hold as he strode purposefully up the street. The air was cold, bringing a shiver to his spine and all the stores were closed and the sidewalks quiet. The only sounds came from the saloon; the desultory notes of a piano, the clink of glasses, the raucous voices of men and the shrill laughter of women. His wife, Leah, had once told him that nothing was achieved by violence. Now he was convinced that she'd been wrong. The desire to inflict vengeance brought the bitter taste of bile to his mouth.

Here is a wide spectrum of stories featuring lawmen, train-robbers, bank hold-ups, ranchers, Indians, trappers, soldiers, settlers and much more. Men and women, larger than life, some of whom would die as heroes, some as villains, some as unknown, but all of them contributed to the great struggle for the western frontier.


Duncan and four other men had ridden into the desert. They’d been bound together by motives such as greed, hatred, law enforcement and compassion. Now, Duncan felt intensely alone, more so than at any time in his life. His companions were gone, so was his panicked horse, taking with it his water canteen, saddle and rifle. He was lost in the vastness of unfamiliar, hostile terrain. And to top it all, he had been badly wounded. He cursed aloud. He suspected that the Indians would soon return to get his scalp.

General Sherlock, Commander of the District, has issued an order to exterminate the bandits of Taney County, to shoot them like animals and hang all prisoners. Sixteen-year-old Billy Stark takes part in an attempt to steal and Army pay-roll, but it proves to be a trap and now the military are on his trail. Fleeing for his life, Billy strives to maintain his morality, but he finds himself drawn deeper into a web of evil.

Former Pinkerton Detective Frank Glengarry is called out of retirement for one final task: to deliver a ransom and obtain the release of a senator’s kidnapped daughter. He is assured there will be no danger, but this proves to be a massive understatement. In one of the remotest parts of Oregon, he falls victim to a vicious attack and ends up in trouble with the law. Combatting ruthless killers and a mob of vigilantes who are intent on lynching him, his situation is further complicated by the wiles of a greedy woman. Facing awesome odds, Frank battles for survival along a path that leads to a confrontation with his worst fears.


Goose Pimples Short Story World

What Mark said about NewNovelist
NewNovelist has proved most useful in the preparation of my novels. Its great asset is ease of navigation through the system. Good use is made of screen space which is uncluttered and streamlined. The word processor panel occupies center place and on each side are panels that can be individually displayed for notes, resources, reports, characters, places, objects and ideas. These can be either hidden or displayed. There are many more useful and easily accessible functions readily available. In my opinion NewNovelist provides all the help needed as I move along the creative path of writing a novel. I wouldn’t be without it.