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If you are thinking of writing a novel and need some novel writing software to help - you have come to the right place! Writing a novel is a difficult thing to do well and if you want your work to be seen and get published one day, you need to get everything right. So what is everything?

1) Structuring your novel

You have a great idea for a story which would make a great novel, but how do you get from this initial stage to a finished novel which a publisher may be interested in.  The basic rule of any novel is it must have a start, middle and end. While this is true, it is a bit simplistic as any good novel has to have a plot that continually evolves throughout and in a way to keep your readers interested. It must contain exciting characters, places and things which interact within the plot to keep your readers hooked and wanting to know more.

So how is this achieved? - Structure! You don't have to have created all the elements and the plot already to start structuring your novel but you can lay the foundations that will support you from start to finish.

So what is structure? - It is the framework of your novel. It is identifying the characters, places and things that play their parts. It identifies the plot and sub plots and finally outlines how the players interact with each other and when. So it really is like the start/middle/end but more detailed.

Surprisingly, perhaps this most important function is either missing or not properly accommodated by most novel writing software.

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The starting structure is never what you finish with and continually evolves but if you get it right from the beginning it will keep you on track from start to finish. If you get this initial point right, you are sure to finish and it will help you keep consistency and continuity. Surprisingly, perhaps this most important function is either missing or not properly accommodated by most novel writing software.

2) Staying in control

Okay you have a rough outline structure and you have started to actually write the novel, but are you in control? You have so many things going around inside your head and you need to get them into the prose of the novel in an entertaining way. It is so easy to have a good idea one day only to go and forget it the next day and it dissolves from your novel. To keep everything bubbling away you need to have quick and easy access to the structure of your novel and the notes on the players in it. This lets you keep your attention on the creative aspects of writing your novel without forever spending time trying to locate a scribbled note or remember details you have already created.

When writing it is also good to have confidence that what you are actually 'putting down' is readable and it is very helpful to have some tools on hand which analyze your writing for readability. You don't want to get to the end and find your best-seller is a great work, but just too heavy going for your readers. 

Most novel writing software programs put most emphasis on this and could be considered just personal thought organizers with a few gimmicks attached. Whilst organization is vital to the success of your novel - it is only a part.

 NewNovelist and Creative Writing
Creative writing and learning how to write a novel can be exceptionally hard. First, you have to learn the basics, then you have to practice... and practice... and practice. And you also have to research what makes a successful novel. The vast majority of novels adopt a basic formula, and we incorporate these within NewNovelist.

Whilst throughout these additional information pages we have provided tips and 'how-to' advice, the real gold dust is in our software program (available on CD or to download). It is based on tuition from the leading university Creative Writing course in England (University of East Anglia), and uses templates to provide you with the structure you might otherwise spend years researching. These templates can teach you the basics to writing all different types of novel: crime, mystery, detective, fantasy, childrens, thrillers, military and many many more. In short, it provides you with a virtual tutor.

In addition to the template structure, there is context sensitive help available - advising you on timing, tone and beat - and scores of examples drawn from modern and classical literature. For beginners this will be a revelation. For more experienced writers it provides a welcome refresher.

3) Presenting correctly

So you have finished your novel and would like to get it published. To meet the submission criteria of publishing companies you need to provide it to them in the way they want it. You don't want to spend days formatting it, you just want to click a button and out it pops - don't you?

So can novel writing software help?

Sure, there have been many writers over history who have created great works without using dedicated software to help them and they managed. While this is true, novel writing software definitely has a place and, while it won't write your novel for you, will make the whole process easier, quicker and more enjoyable.

There are many different programs out there what should I look for?

It is an argument that using a word processor and perhaps a spreadsheet for notes is just as good as any novel writing software package. We don't agree. A dedicated program to help you write your novel has many advantages and that is what we would suggest you look for; and these are they:

i)     Good novel structuring support based on an established theoretical/academic model.
ii)    Good facilities to help you stay in control - avoid gimmicks.
iii)   Good presentation facilities to help you take things further when finished.

Is NewNovelist any different from the rest?

We think so - First released in 2001, it was the first program, using a theoretical novel structuring methodology, to be globally available at an affordable price. Since then it has evolved dramatically and the latest version was first released in November 2010. During the last 10 years many other competitive products have popped up and many have a striking similarity to NewNovelist. One thing they seem to have in common is their emphasis on helping you organize but do not have any real novel structuring support.  NewNovelist was the original and we still believe the most comprehensive and best.

Whatever your standard of writing, and whatever your motivation, if you want an all-in-one writing course, advice, tutor, editor and note taker you should buy NewNovelist today.

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