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Learn how to write a book with NewNovelist
If you are asking ‘how can I learn to write a book?’ then you have already made a wise step on your bid to becoming a published author. Why is this? Well, some budding novelists choose to dive in head first without learning the advisable steps they should be taking to make their writing effective.

Whilst we don’t want to put the dampers on creativity (as this process can work for those gifted few) the smart writers will learn about the process first. This will help immeasurably when you begin to write a book as you’ll be follow the correct structure, solid characterization etc. all from the start. Those who dive in head first to their book writing without first beginning to learn these pointers may find themselves having to edit their original work far more than normal and as such waste time which could have been put to better use in propelling the story forward or making ‘Mr Smith’ even more of a fleshed-out character.

The best advice we can give, which will apply to most people wanting to learn how to write a book, will be to obtain some tuition. This way you will have basic pointers on a process to follow, hints and tips for when you get stuck. When of the UK’s finest creative writing courses is from the University of East Anglia and, in order to help you learn how to write a book, NewNovelist has taken the core of their course and integrated it into our own tuition system. So no need to enroll at University, pay expensive course fees, embark on training that last months and months. With our Book writing software you can be up and running in minutes, learning from a course which has historically produced some of the UK’s finest authors.
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NewNovelist and Creative Writing
Creative writing and learning how to write a novel can be exceptionally hard. First, you have to learn the basics, then you have to practice... and practice... and practice. And you also have to research what makes a successful novel. The vast majority of novels adopt a basic formula, and we incorporate these within NewNovelist.

Whilst throughout these additional information pages we have provided tips and 'how-to' advice, the real gold dust is in our software program (available on CD or to download). It is based on tuition from the leading university Creative Writing course in England (University of East Anglia), and uses templates to provide you with the structure you might otherwise spend years researching. These templates can teach you the basics to writing all different types of novel: crime, mystery, detective, fantasy, childrens, thrillers, military and many many more. In short, it provides you with a virtual tutor.

In addition to the template structure, there is context sensitive help available - advising you on timing, tone and beat - and scores of examples drawn from modern and classical literature. For beginners this will be a revelation. For more experienced writers it provides a welcome refresher.
Whatever your standard of writing, and whatever your motivation, if you want an all-in-one writing course, advice, tutor, editor and note taker you should buy NewNovelist today.

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