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What are the program features that can help you write a book?
Non-Linear Book Writing is how most of us start out and... run aground. A classic example of non-linear writing is when you come up with a brilliant ending for a story – before you have even begun to consider how it starts or develops! For most of us, the creative process is entirely non-linear - ie we may be thinking about the next event in a characters life and come up with a brilliant idea for two chapters down the line. You don’t want to wait until then to get the material down, and writing scribbly notes on scraps of paper inevitably leads to chaos. Our book writing program develops your creativity by allowing you to move back and forward as ideas occur to you, making notes and developing ideas to their heart’s content.

Prompts on what to do next . Hmmm, what should the next scene be about? How should I develop my subplot. Good questions which often come up, in addition to many, many more from writers working on a novel. If you get a little stuck whilst using NewNovelist, you just hit the F1 key and up comes a page of hints and tips - which could mean that your stumbling block is a small hurdle rather than a major detour in your book writing process.

Note Taking. Make notes that won’t be lost (unlike the numerous scrap pieces of paper many book writers use). Placed in an ordering system they can be found simply and easily - saving most writers a great deal of time in itself.

Tuition. New to book writing? Our program features a context sensitive tuition system which can help neophytes and the more experienced users alike.

Formatting. NewNovelist incorporates simple formatting - for a clean, concise manuscript ready to be sent to potential publishers.

3-D Characters. Our program prompts you to develop your characters’ features in all manner of directions – directions which in themselves help you think about the next twist in the tale. Attributes such as self awareness and the dress of your characters not only enable you to develop bold, real-world personalities, but they also demand you think about the back story for each of them – and maintain the consistency throughout the book.

Simplicity. Our book writing program is easy to use, with the minimum of fuss and hassle. Even those inexperienced with software programs will pick it up in no time. If you can point with a mouse, and type (with one or two fingers!) you will quickly be able to start on your novel.
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NewNovelist and Creative Writing
Creative writing and learning how to write a novel can be exceptionally hard. First, you have to learn the basics, then you have to practice... and practice... and practice. And you also have to research what makes a successful novel. The vast majority of novels adopt a basic formula, and we incorporate these within NewNovelist.

Whilst throughout these additional information pages we have provided tips and 'how-to' advice, the real gold dust is in our software program (available on CD or to download). It is based on tuition from the leading university Creative Writing course in England (University of East Anglia), and uses templates to provide you with the structure you might otherwise spend years researching. These templates can teach you the basics to writing all different types of novel: crime, mystery, detective, fantasy, childrens, thrillers, military and many many more. In short, it provides you with a virtual tutor.

In addition to the template structure, there is context sensitive help available - advising you on timing, tone and beat - and scores of examples drawn from modern and classical literature. For beginners this will be a revelation. For more experienced writers it provides a welcome refresher.
Whatever your standard of writing, and whatever your motivation, if you want an all-in-one writing course, advice, tutor, editor and note taker you should buy NewNovelist today.

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