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Novel software for the younger writer
For the younger writer
Screenshots of NewNovelist Version 3
It's all about writing your novel!

We believe one of the most important features of novel writing software is you're not faced with a long and strenuous learning curve when you first start using it. After all, it's about writing and not learning how to use a software package.  

We have put together a collection of screen shots to give you a feel and idea of what the software offers. It shows you how powerful and yet how easy NewNovelist is to use.

Available Screen Shots
Templates Workspace   Visualizer Resources
Story Board Research Browser   Chapter Review Chapter Organization
Novel Print/Export Animated Readback   Dictation Analytics

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"NewNovelist is clearly structured with easy-to-follow instructions. You can work through the program one stage at a time or use the navigation tree to skip from one section to another. But I'm not too sure what Charles Dickens would think."     'NewNovelist won’t write your novel for you but it will certainly keep you pointing in the right direction’

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• The New Novel Wizard Templates - Selecting a template to fit your Novel
NewNovelist 3 has a wide selection of templates. Select the one that best fits the idea of your novel and NewNovelist will create the structure and configure the help, advice and assistance for that type of novel.

Newnovelist - New Novel Wizard

• The Main Workspace
The unique working area of NewNovelist 3 has been designed so you have everything you need just a click or two away so you never lose your train of thought. It has been developed using the Microsoft WPF technology, the same as used in the MS Word©

The main Newnovelist Workspace Window

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• The Visualizer
Keeping on top of what's happening and when is vital when writing a novel. The Visualizer does this for you.

The Novel Writers Visualizer

• The Resources Panel
If you click on the Resources panel on the right of the workspace, it expands out quickly and you have access to all the resource elements of your novel.

Newnovelist - Resources Panel Create a rich set of characters, places objects and ideas to include your novel. You can add notes and use the full set of attributes installed in NewNovelist to build them up both for your records and in your mind. You can also add them to your Story Board so you know when they should appear and what their particular role is at that stage.

As with all elements, can view and print out a report for any of your resources at any time.

• The Story Board Panel
If you click on the Story Board panel on the left of the workspace, it expands out quickly and you have quick access to any part of your novel.

Newnovelist - Story Board Panel Your novel needs structure and this where NewNovelist 3 comes into its own. When you select your template NewNovelist creates the overall structure for you in a story board. This allows you to carefully control what happens and when. When you are working on any part of your novel you always will have that unique NewNovelist advice right there when you need it and you can also create a report if you need it.

You can also add resources to each part of your novel so you have all the background information you need right there when you need it!

The template and underlying structure is flexible and you can always change them at any time. You also don't have to follow the advice - It is there if you want it. You don't have to use it!

• Chapter Organization
All NewNovelist templates create a 12 chapter novel structure. Of course this may not fit what you need exactly so you have the facilities to add and remove chapters and move them around within your overall novel structure.

Newnovelist Chapter Organization

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• The Research Browser
If you need instant access to the Internet to look up something when you are writing, you have it! The integrated NewNovelist web browser is just a single click away.

Newnovelisr Research Browser

• The Newnovelist Review
It is vital to be able review you work in manageable chunks and in a clear way. The Review tab of the workspace gives you varying illustrations of your writing. The General view provides a multi column illustration of your writing for ease of writing. There are also Print Previews available for both the format you have used and a Manuscript format as expected by publishers and editors.

Newnovelist Chapter Review

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• Novel Printing and Exporting
The compilation and presentation of you final work is so important if you want your novel to get published. The Print Export function gives you a no fuss print preview of your complete work. You can then decide if you want it in your format or Publishers Manuscript format. You can then print it on your printer or create a XPS or PDF using third party printer drivers. If you want to export it into MS Word or another program, you can just save it as an RTF file that you can then open elsewhere.

Newnovelist Printing and Export

• Animated Readback
NewNovelist has many good luxuries onboard and a really nice one is the Animated Readback. Simple kick back open the readback and listen to your novel been read to you while you see the text in a graphical book with turning pages.

Newnovelist Animated Readback

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• Dictation
Tired Fingers? - No Worries! - Why not dictate your novel to NewNovelist.
(Only available when running Window 7 or Vista)

Newnovelist Dictation

• Analytics
You can analyze your novel using some very powerful tools to check that you have everything right and as you want it. Often these types of tools are used by publishers when assessing a piece of literary work.

Newnovelist Chapter Spread

Want to know how easy it is to read your novel? - With the readability analyzer you can use any one of the six standard methods (Flesch Kincaid, Gunning Fog etc.) that are used by publishers, universities and even the government!

Newnovelist Flesch Kincaid

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• Themes
Don't like green? The default theme is based on the NewNovelist brand colors. You can however change the color theme of workspace at anytime - there are twelve themes to choose from. Perhaps not the most important feature - but we want you to be comfortable.

Newnovelist Themes

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