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Novel software for the younger writer
For the younger writer
Overview of NewNovelist Version 3
Features at a glance

  Help and advice on how to write a novel from start to finish
  Helps you plan, research and outline your story
  It uses tried and proven writing methods
  Provides extensive template advice to loosely fit your ideas
  Includes a dedicated novel writers word processor
  Graphical Visualizer helps you keep it all together
  Spell checker and word analyzer/thesaurus
  Comprehensive ‘Notes’ handling
  Facilities to build your library of characters/story elements
  Story boarding with characters/story element interactions
  Advanced review and publishing tools.
  Dictation and synthetic speech read-back
(Windows 7/Vista Only)
  Text and word count analysis tools
  Advanced search and replace facilities
More on Features

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Why use novel writing software?

Writing a book is hard. Writing a novel that people want to publish and enjoy reading is really hard.

To write a novel using a computer, you have two choices:

1) You can just use your computers word processor

Most people who take this approach normally run aground sooner or later. Perhaps you can get away with it for a simple short story but a novel..? You have your ideas, although there is the danger you will end up looking at a blank computer screen. There is a danger you will keep rewriting things. There is a danger you will get so far and things will just ‘dry up’.

It takes tremendous skill to constantly keep all your ideas fresh in your mind and let them bubble up nicely into your novel at the right place while providing that vital continuity. A word processor is a multi-purpose tool for writing documents. A novel is a very large document (usually 50,000 word or more). Can you keep everything together and write that amount of quality prose using just a text editor?

2) Using dedicated novel writing software

No Novel writing package will write your book for you but they certainly can help you complete your novel and make sure it is composed correctly.

Good novel writing software can relieve you of the constant mechanics of keeping everything in shape so you can concentrate on the important part – your prose.

Great novel writing software provides you with creative writing advice in the construction of your novel. Advice that reflects the type of novel you are writing and supports you in every chapter.

"NewNovelist helped as an organizational tool, and as a spur when I seemed to be losing sight of the destination".

George Green, Head of English and Creative Writing, Lancaster University, wrote "Hound" with NewNovelist, published by Transworld
    "NewNovelist is an extremely useful piece of software for anyone wanting to write a novel – it is easy to use, and it incorporates part of the syllabus from the Creative Writing Course at the University of East Anglia."

Dr Louisa Joyner, former Creative Writing tutor, University of East Anglia

Why Use NewNovelist?

There is a bewildering choice of products available on the market today and it can be difficult to find the one that’s best for you. When NewNovelist 1 was first released in 2001 there was only a small selection available. Over the past ten years the market has continually grown. We have noticed that a lot of these new products have a striking resemblance to NewNovelist. We have also noticed that a lot of these new products concentrate on only helping you organize yourself but have little or no creative writing advice.

NewNovelist 3 uses the latest technologies and contains all the ‘nice to haves’ but we have not lost sight of our roots and what the software is actually for. It is a complete novel writing software package – not just a personal organizer.

More on Features

• Extensive novel templates and advice throughout
Select the template that best fits your novel idea and NewNovelist will automatically create the structure of your novel for you. The structure also contains detailed writing advice at every stage of your novel, is completely flexible and can be changed to mold the uniqueness of your work. As things evolve, you may want to change the underlying template - no worries - you can change it at any time!

• Powerful resources/elements and story board handling
Create a rich set of characters, places, objects and ideas for easy reference whenever you are writing. Apply these resources to the different stages and chapters in your novels storyboard to create absorbing and powerful plots and sub plots beautifully entwined in your novels direction and purpose.

• Visualizer to help you instantly keep on top of your complete novel
When you are writing the Visualizer is just a single click away. It provides a graphical corkboard and 'post-it' notes to allow you to quickly navigate your complete novel, before returning to your writing. This helps you to keep things in context and not forget anything, at all times.

• Extensive reporting facilities
You want to view or print out a report on anything you have entered - you've got it. Not only can you view all your information on your computer screen, you can use the powerful WYSIWYG print preview and printing facilities.

• Powerful novel publishing
How important is it to be able to easily prepare you finished work for publishing? - we think its vital!  You can print all or part of your novel extremely easily in either the format you have written it or use the Publishers Manuscript format which magically creates a copy of your novel exactly the way a publisher wants to see it. If you want to distribute your novel electronically - you can by creating an XPS or PDF* copy of your novel.
*Requires use of pre-installed or free 3rd party printer drivers.
• Flexible import and export facilities
Have you already started your novel using another bit of software - no problem just import it, then apply a template to it!. Want to edit it in something else - you've got it, just export it. If you have already started or written your novel with NewNovelist version 2, you can just open it directly in Newnovelist 3
*Import and export relies on the Universal Rich Text Format (RTF)

• Powerful text analysis tools
Spell checking for the language you are writing in, word analysis etc. - it's there!  - Want to know how easy it is to read your novel? - With the readability analyzer you can use any one of the six standard methods (Flesch Kincaid, Gunning Fog etc.) that are used by publishers, universities and even the government!

• Innovative working environment
Using the unique NewNovelist environment everything is only a click away. No huge menus and numerous popup boxes. Need the internet while you are writing? - it's a single click away with the Newnovelist integrated browser. Set the mood while writing! - Using the workspace themes you can change the feel of NewNovelist at any time to fit with comfort

• Readback and Dictation
Want to check what you have written by someone reading it back to you, it's there. Using the speech synthesis engine, NewNovelist can read back your novel to you and even any reports you are looking at. It also has the book animation read to me function which shows your writing in book form. Windows Vista or 7 and tired fingers? Why not dictate your novel to NewNovelist using speech recognition

• Universal Windows compatibility and easy install
If you are using Windows then there should be no problem installing and using NewNovelist3 on your computer. NewNovelist runs with the following versions of Windows:

Windows 8/8.1 - All full versions
Windows 7 - All versions
Windows Vista - All versions
XP - All versions with SP2 or above installed -
Please note some versions of XP do not support dictation.

Installation is very easy. Simply download the installation program and run it - You'll be up and running in minutes!

These are just some of the features - there are plenty more!

Buy Now The complete novel writing software suite - Buy now.
Buy Newnovelist 3 now with world class online support and a full 30 day money back warranty if you are not satisfied.

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