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NewNovelist Version 3 is here!

Newnovelist is a software program for the PC which helps people who want to write a novel... complete their novel.

Version 3 contains many new and exciting features but still engages the unique assistance that has helped so many people get published in the last 10 years. It uses a new, stunningly powerful Microsoft technology which brings a whole new experience to the aspiring novel writer.

Newnovelist 1 Newnovelist 2 Newnovelist 3
Newnovelist 1
Launched 2001
Newnovelist 2
Launched 2006
Newnovelist 3
Launched Nov 2010

If you are going to write a novel you have come to the right place. You need something which is tried and proven, you need the best, you need Newnovelist.
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Newnovelist 3
Sunday Times Novel Writing Review
The Problem

Let’s face it – writing a book takes time. LOTS of it. Until now, aspiring writers and novelists faced - and let’s be honest – a gut-wrenching, slow and grueling writing process.

We know what you’re going through. You probably have lots of notes in your head. You’ve gotten up at 3am just to jot down a great idea you had. Something strikes you for inspiration, and you’ve just got to write that chapter – NOW – before you forget.
The Independant Review for Newnovelist "A great gift for aspirant novelists”
The Independent newspaper
But you’re supposed to use some ‘process’. That means you can’t start your novel now - you have to wait until you’ve got things in sequential order. For a writer trying to make a living, that’s a killer.

NewNovelist has turned the writing process on its head. With this revolutionary software, you can write your novel the way you want to. You don't have to be a slave to old, slow, archaic writing rituals and methods.

You’ve got great ideas. Your characters are in your head. You know how you want the ending to be. You know you can do this...

…. so why are you still staring at a blank computer screen or sheet of paper?

If you’ve ever tried to write a novel (or even just thought about it), you know the routine. You just can’t put everything together. You’ve got to work step by step to write a great book, right? - Not anymore! - Not with NewNovelist!

Your like a juggler trying to keep all your ideas fresh in your mind so they can bubble up throughout your novel - but how do you keep so much information alive and use it without delving into endless notes. With Newnovelist everything you need is there when you need it.

"Let me salute NewNovelist, and hope that many millions of them are sold"
Will Self, best-selling author & short-listed for the United Kingdom's 'Whitbread Best Novel” Award

Buy Now The Solution - NewNovelist - Buy Now  $47.99 - 29.99!
Buy Newnovelist 3 now with world class online support and a full 30 day money back warranty if you are not satisfied.

Get your book published and on the market in record time!

Let’s be frank – time is money. Every day you’re held hostage to outdated writing methods is another day without a published novel, or without income if this is your career. You need to get your book out like yesterday. You know how it is. So do we.

Whether you’re a new or experienced writer, NewNovelist Software is the solution you’ve been dreaming about!

"NewNovelist helped me to organize my research, deepen my characterizations, structure my chapters and plan my plot through to its climax. The actual writing of the book was a breeze!”
Mark Bannerman, on how NewNovelist helped him complete “Lust To Kill”– his 14th published novel!

Write smarter and faster - not harder!

NewNovelist novel writing software breaks down the process of writing a novel into manageable chunks. What does this mean to you?

It means you can stop wasting time and start writing.

Remember – the faster you write your novel, the faster you can get your book published and become a published author with all the trimmings.

"NewNovelist hasn't changed the way I do things; but it has made me get off my butt and actually go do them. And for any writer, that can't be bad"
Nick Ford - The Guardian – England
The Guardian Review for Newnovelist

If you are going to write a successful novel you need the best tools available to get there - You need NewNovelist!

Stop Wasting Time - Get Started On Your Next Best Seller with NewNovelist Software!
Buy Now Stop Wasting Time - Get started on your next 'Best Seller' with NewNovelist software!
Buy Newnovelist 3 now with world class online support and a full 30 day money back warranty if you are not satisfied.