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We support our products!  When you buy NewNovelist you get FREE technical support and fast replies to your email questions.  Our support department have the policy of replying to all support questions, by email, the same day they get asked.
*Lifestyle Toolbox operate in the United Kingdom and observe GMT/BST hours for a working day.

We want you to find using NewNovelist a constructive and enjoyable experience which gives you every chance of getting published. If you invest in us, we will invest in you. If after buying NewNovelist you find the software is not what you expected and it's not for you... we will refund your purchase.  That's a pledge we have always provided, since 2001 when NewNovelist 1 was first released.

For instant answers we have provided this FAQ. It covers questions about the general  features, purchasing and installation of NewNovelist. If you have a question that's not answered here please ask and we will reply.
Please note: The FAQ here is related to general, purchasing and installation questions about NewNovelist 3. There is an in depth support section built into NewNovelist to help you when using the software.

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