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Many people who have used NewNovelist have been published. Some of these have let us know and we have included a few below.
If you have used NewNovelist to write your novel, it's now in print and you would like us to mention it here, please contact us.

A Tribute:
Mark Bannerman Mark Bannerman - Author of over thirty best selling novels.
Mark was a prolific and established author who wrote some thirty two 'western' novels as well as a Cornish saga. All are available through Amazon. Most can be downloaded from Kindle. In addition he has had hundreds of short stories published.
Please click here to see the tribute to Mark Bannerman.

NewNovelist helped as an organizational tool, and as a spur when I seemed to be losing sight of the destination.
George Green , Professor of English and Creative Writing, Lancaster University.

Author-George Green
Book Title-‘Hound’
I can compare NewNovelist to a parent raising a child. Reassurance, Ground rules, Direction and Guidelines to enable me to succeed in writing not only my first novel, but also my second. Thank you !
Ana Cielo

Author-Ana Cielo
Book Title-‘Long Journey Home’
Publisher- Infinity Publishing
ISBN -0-7414-1502-X
NewNovelist helped me to structure my story more effectively, with proper attention to plot, characterization and dialogue. It was like having a sympathetic tutor at my elbow.
John Hughes

Author-John Hughes
Book Title- ‘Sleepwalker’
Publisher- Pegassus Elliot Mackenzie
Although not a novel, I used the structure in NewNovelist to help me piece together the elements of my story. This helped me gain structure from random notes.

I am now using NewNovelist to help me write a techo thriller set in 2008 about the Royal Navy's latest Type 45 destroyer.
Richard SJ Gough

Author-Richard SJ Gough
Book Title-‘The Weapons Director’
Publisher-Authors online
NewNovelist helped through its tutorial support and advisory comments.
Jessie L Watt

Author-Jessie L Watt
Book Title- ‘Metal Rose’
Publisher- Northern Lights Publishing.
ISBN-0 9524413 1 4
My first novel is now published thanks to your software. Many times over the last few years I would attempt to write, not sure what my problem with writing was. Then NewNovelist would show me the way. Making it possible to outline my story and establish its cast of characters. Writing became a real joy. Thank you for your fine product.
Mervin H. Dochterman

Author- Mervin H. Dochterman
Book Title- ‘Brownstone Builders’
Publisher- Author House
ISBN: 1-4140-2671-4
NewNovelist helped by imposing structure and breaking down the process of novel writing.
Dee Gordon

Author-Dee Gordon
Book Title- Meat Market
Publisher- Vanguard Press
Without NewNovelist writing the book would not have been possible.
McFerrel Jones

Author- McFerrel Jones
Book Title- Black, Kidnapped in the '60s, No Big Deal

A true story. At age 12, myself, a first cousin and a close friend were kidnapped while picking black berries along the railroad tracks. This was in the South and the year was 1962.
I thought you might like to know that I have had my first novel published this year after investing in NewNovelist. The point of your program is that it is affordable, well constructed and encourages people to write in a way that will make them readable.
Tim Nichol

Author- Tim Nichol
Book Title- ‘ Stephen Harris in Trouble’
Publisher- Jessica Kingsley Publications
NewNovelist helped me to "fill in the blanks" of the characters and plot so I truly understood where I was going and why. It's plotting outline was an immense help. I've never found a better and more thorough writing help.
Carol Hegberg

Author- Carol Hegberg
Book Title- Pen Pals
Publisher- PublishAmerica
ISBN-13: 978-1413732733